NOTE: This fund can be purchased directly on this web site by clicking on the “Purchase Fund” tab or can be purchased through a Charles Schwab account. You can set up an account with Charles Schwab by clicking on the Schwab Account Setup tab. The Fund can also be purchased through Scottrade. In addition, the Fund is available on the Pershing platform. Many independent money managers use Pershing as their broker so check with your advisor to see if they use Pershing. If you are a money manager, please feel free to contact us at 855-888-ASHK for more details on our availability on Pershing.


  • The primary objective is preservation of capital with a secondary objective of capital appreciation, each in the event of a long term decline in the equity and fixed income markets.
  • To accomplish this, the fund diversifies among asset classes as well as within classes. Rather than just having a diversified stock and bond portfolio, the fund also invests in gold, commodities and foreign currencies.
  • In addition to long positions, the fund takes short positions in these asset classes as needed to attempt to protect against declining markets.
  • The fund aims for a steady growth pattern even in a declining stock market.
  • With this approach, the fund also aims to limit volatility.
The Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses are 1.69%, and 1.92%, of the Fund’s average net assets, for Class I and Class N shares, respectively. However, pursuant to an operating expense limitation agreement between Absolute Investment Management LLC (the “Adviser”) and the Fund, the Adviser has agreed to waive its fees and/or absorb expenses of the Fund to ensure that Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses (excluding interest and tax expenses, dividends on short positions and Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses) for the Fund do not exceed 1.20%, and 1.45%, of the Fund’s average net assets, for Class I and Class N shares, respectively, through March 31, 2015.